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    Bought this in May and roasted for the first time last week. Cracked the bag 6 days post-roast and my verdict on the first taste is absolute stunner! Wonderful coffee.
    Andy's description (now lost in cyberspace) piqued my curiosity. I may remember mentions of a cocoa bomb (like the Rwanda Ngyunwe A current in Beanbay) and cocoa was the first thing I tasted in my breakfast cuppa (latte). This was quickly followed by a range of other flavours ...lingering flavours. I haven't tried the Ngyunwe A yet but if it is similar then I recommend it.
    I googled it and one site advised me to:
    Expect super sweet cherry and chocolate notes with a pleasant blueberry acidity and rich velvety body. This coffee is an outstanding pick from this years harvest and can be enjoyed at any time of day.
    However, a blog post by the same roaster suggested
    a flavour profile of cranberry, orange, and cocoa.
    I didn't taste any blueberry but it may be that I roasted too dark to but I did note the orange and some other fruitiness. Perhaps cherry,


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      Odds are the Rwandan beans you bought last May are the same Rwanda Nyungwe A that are currently for sale in BeanBay as the latest batch of them were announced and added to BeanBay last January. Since 2014 all the Rwanda Nyungwe announced in the Monthly BeanBay release postings have been listed as Rwanda Nyungwe A and have all been carried in BeanBay under the same link as the current batch linked too above is.

      The reason you couldn't find Andy's notes for your Rwanda Ngyunwe is you misspelled Nyungwe. You can find all of the previous Bean Bay release notifications in the Knock Box forum going all the way back too 2005.

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      • Barry O'Speedwagon
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        The bigger question is why the Rwandans named their coffee after a Vietnamese family name?

      • flynnaus
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        Yes, I spelt Nyungwe incorrectly but I was referring specifically to the lot Andy had listed as Rwanda Nyungwe Naturals. There was another separate lot called Nyungwe A in Beanbay (and is still there).

        Here it is in my May 2021 invoice

        Ethiopian Gambella Sundried 2.50kg $27.50
        Rwanda Nyungwe Naturals 2.50kg $32.50
        Costa Rica Santa Maria Tarrazu 1 $30.00

        I originally titled this thread Rwanda Nyungwe Naturals before editing it to use the more generic Rwanda Nyungwe to cover both the Naturals and A (and indeed the little known Vietnamese microlot 'Ngyunwe' if it ever comes to light)

        Oh and I didn't search for Nyungwe using my errant spelling, I looked for the April/May Release Notification. You can tell from the June entry that Andy had a bit of a whoops with the Rwanda Nyungwe entry.
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      • Javaphile
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        After your editing of the original thread's title there was never any mention of the Naturals lot in that post for anybody to see so we had no idea that you were referring to anything other than the Rwanda Nyungwe A. Nor did you mention that you were referring to beans that appeared in the April/May BeanBay notification, only that you purchased the beans in May. Additionally the June BeanBay notification where the missing April/May beans were added in/reposted contained no reference to any Rwanda beans of any kind. The Naturals must have been sold out by then and so not included in the reposting. Hence my logic chain, sorry for any confusion it may have caused.

        This exchange is a great example of one of my most commonly stated sayings. Details matter. When a critical detail is lacking it forces people to assume. Once assumptions enter into decision chain, especially when dealing with a purely textual medium, odds are very good that the conclusions reached will be wrong as we're not mind readers. Hence why my postings can tend to run on the longer side.

        Glad you're enjoying the beans!

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      As an addendum to the above there's an older thread in this forum discussing this bean that was started in 2014 and currently runs through 2016. To prevent duplication these three posts will be merged with the older thread.

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        Logic was pretty good but often we'll land the new crop and it overlaps the previous (if I got my quantities about right) so new arrivals from the same source don't always get a mention in the Beanbay Banter thread unless we landed different processing or grading or sorting. Often we'll just quietly slide it into stock again if it's cupping the same.

        The "A" in BeanBay is new stock and the "Naturals" we had previously were a right place right time to get a different processing of the same beans (and once gone they are gone).


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          I still have a bit more than 1kg of the 2018 Rwanda Nyungwe A and 3.3kg of the 2021 Rwanda Nyungwe Naturals. Maybe I'll roast both and do an AB comparison next roast. Although I will also be testing the aging capabilities of the 'A'.