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Colombia La Esperanza Las Margaritas Pacamara Honey

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  • Colombia La Esperanza Las Margaritas Pacamara Honey

    Cupped this one today...

    Lovely sweet coffee, mellow acidity and super lush body. Flavours of orange blossom and marmalade book-end a mild creamy almond nougat taste not unlike a toblerone bar, living up to the promise it made at the grinder of roast almond praline and sweet florals

    If it has a weakness it's the low acidity which makes it look a bit flabby as it cools, but nonetheless a classy cup. I rated it an 84.5

    Would love to try this as a fully washed coffee to see what it could do with a bit more structure to drape those seductive flavours over

    I also roast some for espresso. It's going to be interesting to see how some development changes the profile

    Might be fun to run it through a cold drip too, for maximum sugary goodness

    All in all a nice find. Cheers Andy!

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    Tried it as a cold drip. Well, an improvised cold drip - Aeropress plus funnel plus ice cubes plus day in fridge

    Flavour is new and interesting. Stand out is sweet nectarine plus buttery vanilla. Low acidity, body velvet-like. Aftertaste of pencil on back of palate not so good... but, a valid reason to go back for another hit of peaches and cream. Actually, now it's got cherry happening too, and a nice stonefruit-skin edge to the bitterness of the finish. Intriguing coffee!

    Did anyone else buy some?


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      Final comments on this one... Nice as a white coffee but lacked a bit of cut through as a single origin. However with 30% of a punchy Kenya peaberry it comes alive! The Kenya adds winey acidity, black fruit and that unmistakable resinous, hempy character you get in a good Kenyan. Off the grinder you could get high just off the fragrance of this blend