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  • Kenya AAA Bold

    Wow, this coffee lived up to Andy's descriptors to a tee. Pulled an espresso today of my lightly roasted AAA Bold batch, the crema looked amazing, it was super viscous, had a green apple acidity that was pleasant on the palate and the lingering choc/cocoa aftertaste is still there after 30 mins. The well graded beans produced a lovely even roast. Should go well as a long black.
    Most impressive beans, definitely recommend a try!!
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    Have added the Kenyan to a blend which i'm cracking open this weekend, cant wait!


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      Ive had great success with using the Behmor p5 d profile with 380g, and using C to add time if needed.

      Seems they like a slow ramp, and it helps space out the time between first and second crack, so they dont go over the top of each other, like can happen if you use a P2 profile.
      for some reason my P4 button wont work, so cant comment on how it goes with a slightly different ramp up.

      After 7-10 days, they smell and taste amazing.