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Ethiopian Sidamo Guji--2009

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  • Ethiopian Sidamo Guji--2009

    I found 500 gms of this in the back of the cupboard, dated August 2009, and roasted some this morning.
    This is still one of the nicest coffees--chocolate, dark cherries and something extra in terms of aromatics.
    Fantastic as a ristretto, and even better as a macchiato.
    I may have to modify the "3 years for green beans, 3 weeks for roasted, and 3 minutes for ground" saying.


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    I find the rule of 3s is not a rigid guideline and have often consumed roasts that are 4 weeks old or made brews at work with beans I pre-ground at home several hours earlier.

    I wonder if storage potential has something to do with bean origin as well as storage method. Indo beans seem to store well too.

    I take it that 2009 is the year you acquired the Guji, not the year it was picked and processed so it could well be more than 6 years old. I still have some MTE Rays Selection from 2011 and it came out great. but a batch of Eth Sidamo Haile Selassie I bought in 2011 did not come out so great - it seemed a bit flat and lacking in flavour. I also roasted some Colombian Supremo last weekend that was acquired in 2011 and the roast had a bit of that baggy smell.