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Maui Yellow Catura Ka'anapali Estate

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  • Maui Yellow Catura Ka'anapali Estate

    I recently decided to splash out on a kilo of Maui Yellow Catura Ka'anapali Estate. It felt like an extravagance at $40/kilo, although yesterday I noticed Vittoria is $38/kilo at Coles, so maybe I am too used to the economies of roasting my own...

    I am roasting in an iCoffee, so I just listen for the cracks and watch the colour. I roasted the beans until they were just on the verge of second crack - they were just starting to pop as I loaded them into my cooler. They roasted well, they were a very uniform colour and produced a below average amount of chaff. I am guessing they were CS9, although I don't have the official CS card to check. I left them to rest for 8 days, which is impressive given how impatient I was to try them.

    I have never tried to describe coffee in words before but I will do my best. It is really lovely as an espresso or long black. The result was very smooth and has only gotten smoother in its second week of drinking. There is a very slight acidity, some sweetness but no bitterness at all. Not sure if this is the right word but it is a very rounded taste, nothing particularly sticks out. Any notes are very subtle, maybe there is a bit of caramel in there.

    I actually think it is a bit of a waste as a latte or cappuccino. I made a flat white yesterday for a friend and had one myself (would you believe I took a thermos to the footy - all I need is a rug for my knees and I'm an old man). Because the coffee has no particularly strong notes or rough edges, the milk tends to overwhelm it and you end up with something that is still a very nice milky coffee, but you'd be just as happy with the same thing brewed with a much cheaper bean. I refrained from telling my friend that this was an expensive variety, because he'd probably think I had wasted my money.

    I'm still deciding whether it is worth paying three times the price of my usual PNG Wahgi or Yirgacheffe. It does produce a better coffee than those beans, but is it three times better? If it remains available on BeanBay, I think I might return to it as a special treat every so often.