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Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Vara Blanca

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  • Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Vara Blanca

    Roasted 300g light roast just into vigorous first crack dumped into the cooler at 9min.
    In the Clever dripper today--30g to 400g water steeped for 1m45sec.
    The dry aroma was stunning, huge floral notes filled the room.
    In the cup it had a lovely clean citrus acidity, nice clean juicy mouthfeel and delicate citrus flavour notes.
    Killer filter coffee, you have found another gem Andy

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    that sounds great.. I just roasted mine yesterday, unfortunately I didn't record the weight, time or anything. I roasted on P4 in the Behmor though, and hit cool once rolling first crack was well established. I have lost my card so I can't give you a colour number either. Anyway, I'm not really getting the citrus florals that are mentioned in your post or the notes for the bean, I'm getting a very Toblerone like aroma of the beans as they're resting, honey-cocoa, unusual and hard to explain, definitely unique as far as my nose can tell. It smells amazing - can't wait to cup it, the mission will be to get that aroma translating into the pour - a difficult task with my lever machine ha ha ha


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      Hey Greenman. I saw your 30g to 400g ratio - I've been using a 1:4 ratio so 30g to 120g of water which makes for more of espresso hit (so that I can add milk). Do you every play with the strength ratios?


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        Hi AlanGl
        7.5g per 100g water is the usual dosage for pourover, sometimes I updose with naturals to get an extra flavour hit, but generally I get good results with the 7.5/100 ratio. There are no rigid rules, experimentation is what it's all about.


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          Roasted yesterday 40s post FC, ground today. Upon grinding I thought I had a Colombian but then noticed a lemon zest scent emanating followed by an underhanded, subtle but powerful hit of complexity.

          It hasn't rested enough and the acidity overpowers the rest. But the fresh lemon zest does cut through everything else and becomes the dominant note in the nose.

          I'll come back to it in a few days.


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            Roasted first of this bean a week ago. (14'00" total, with 3'00" development time. 12.3% moisture loss)

            • Smallish, very evenly graded green beans.
            • Takes a lot heat to get it going. Hit FC at 11'00". Finished roast before SC
            • Roasted coffee has a silky sheen, a vibrant, even colour and visible surface wrinkles. Roast colour appears just on the fuller side of medium (but tastes "lighter")
            • First taste in double ristretto today - Classic Costa Rica! Hard, super-clean, intensely aromatic bean, high citrus acidity, high sweetness. Top notes of Limoncello and crisp florals. I also got a darker note of something like liquorice/fennel seed in there?
            • Right now it's also a bit grassy - Needs another week to relax I think
            • Body is light-medium. This would be a fantastic pour-over in a slightly lighter roast, or at this roast depth to provide structure and elegant top notes in an espresso blend
            • Overall a very pretty coffee that would surely cup above 85. Great find!