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  • Costa Rica Miel

    Drinking a filter roast of this one right now! Used a hand grinder and a Kalita 'kantan drip' filter - a piece of folded card and filter paper that sits on top of your cup. Works a treat

    Back to the coffee though... It's clean, sweet and super-refreshing. Maple syrup sweetness, some stone-fruit fleshiness and a zesty nudge of lime acidity to give it great balance as a filter brew


    (It also plays nice 50/50 with the Sidamo Ardi as a sweet aromatic milk coffee. E.g. in a latte the blend has a blueberry cheesecake character with a subtle twang of citrus acidity to balance the high sweetness)
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    Hoping to get some general guidance with roasting these, as I can't seem to find them discussed here or elsewhere.

    I've done a few batches that i'd say are medium-dark and at 5 - 10 days rest i'm experiencing a pretty bad dry after taste.


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      Very interesting, my memories of this bean are very different. They were very forgiving and no matter how I roasted them, it was hard to get a bad roast from them. I found them to be very consistent, very forgiving and very "polite" and always very easy drinking.

      However, I bought mine quite a while ago so may have been a different batch/harvest to what you are roasting.

      Also, I roast on a Hottop so not sure if that may explain our different experience with this bean which I was very happy with.

      Best regards...


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        How much should I rest these. I roasted 2 days ago and I would say that I can’t find the sweet flavour. It’s more spicy than sweet to me.

        should I put them back on the shelf for a bit longer? Or try a different roast depth?


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          Most beans need to rest for 5-10 days before their flavor starts to peak.

          Java "Let 'em sit some more" phile
          Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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            I’ve been struggling with this one a bit. As a lighter roast it seems to disappear in a milk drink. A darker roast seems to be the winner so far.
            I’ve also noticed it roasts way faster than any other bean I’ve roasted.


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              One of my absolute favourite beans. Medium roast, longer rest than usual circa 6 days.... So good!


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                Have really been trying to get something special from this bean and finally succeeded. I'm quite impressed with a medium roast for espresso and the longer resting time. This one really benefits from a bloom pre-infusion (bloom time 10 seconds) and a 1:2 brew ratio, at least in my exprience. Creates something really interesting in the cup. Sweetness and acidity is akin to ripe grapefruit, and despite that there is a really thick, viscous body - even with the longer ratio. It's like a good Colombian and Indo bean had a baby!


                • Westy5
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                  How long did you rest this batch for. I normally crack open a bag 4-7 days after roasting and think I might be jumping the gun a bit.

                • ElShauno
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                  6 days. However, my 6 days might not translate to your six days though - I'm using a (so called) 'ready to drink' profile on the Kaffelogic. I find 24-36 hours is ideal resting for those roasts with most beans, so this required some time at 6 days. If it was a standard profile, I'd suggest waiting minimum 10 days and trying from there. I'm going to try this on the weekend - will roast up about 300-400gms and let it sit.

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                I think I finally got the hang of this bean. I slowed my roast down and kept the heat gun at around 50% and roasted them in 15m. I let them rest for seven days and will probably finish them around day 12.
                I found it was a pretty mild coffee with a honey sweetness to it.


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                  I roasted 750 grams of Costa Rica Miel a few days ago, tried it today as a Lungo, certainly is a keeper, as Andy comments in the description, fruity and sweet.

                  Fortunately I had the foresight to order 5kg.

                  Never have a problem with any beans I buy from Beanbay, however this one really is something out of the box.?


                  • Whorl
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                    It sounds great, and I'm really looking forward to roasting this one on the weekend too!