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    Well, a balmy >10° and falling here — trying to snow — but thought I'd try some of the Goroka that turned up yesterday!
    Struggled to get the heat into it with the ambient temps, so a nice gentle profile, and then dropped it a little earlier than I would for most beans, a degree or two before 2C (as I've found most PNG beans seem to handle slightly lighter roasts without puckering the lips!).
    Sampled as a doppio straight out of the roaster and got somewhere between the PNG Mt Ambra (sprightly and zingy) and the PNG Waghi (smooth and creamy). So a medium acidity with a light & creamy mouthfeel and good crema. So lots of potential!
    As it rests I'll report back on flavour development.

    Click image for larger version

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    We consumed loads of this great coffee when we were living in PNG, never had an ordinary one. Mostly brewed as a filter coffee from a medium roast. Always made a delightful cup...
    Well worth experimenting with lighter roast profiles.



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      As a medium roast this is delicious. Reminds me of swiss milk chocolate in the finish, some nutiness at the start. Had pleasant mild zingy acidity, very light at the roast level I took it to, ~12mins and 218c on the Aillio Bullet. Cracking in milk and black.