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CoffeeSnobs GOLD? Tangy and pungent?

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  • CoffeeSnobs GOLD? Tangy and pungent?

    Hi fellow snobs, :P

    I just purchased 1kg of coffeesnobs Gold. We've cracked into the first 500g and I can't see the appeal.

    Maybe it's just my palette, but I find the flavour quite pungent and tangy, but not in a good way.

    I've only had it with our French press so far. Coarse grind (but not too coarse), 27g for about 500ml, preheated press, half filled, sit for 30 seconds, break the crust, fill up and sit for 4 minutes then serve.

    Any thoughts? Am I brewing it wrong, or is this just the flavour of this particular blend?

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    Have you shot off a message to Andy?
    If anyone knows the best way to brew this coffee....

    I bought some Gold a while back (or maybe my son bought it for me?) and I thought it was great.
    Brewed mine in the Brazen and the result was pretty well on the button, as Andy describes.
    The coffee was ground slightly finer than I would normally use for Filter or French Press and this seemed to work extremely well...



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      Cheers, I'll shoot him a message.


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        Originally posted by richyeah View Post
        Cheers, I'll shoot him a message.
        Don't use the PM system as Andy never checks these, instead use the Contact Us at the bottom of every page...



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          (richyeah did just contact me direct with a link to here, thought I would continue it here since it was started in public)

          Found the Gold really tangy/pungent - just wanted to see if maybe I'm brewing it wrong, or if it's just my palate
          Hmmm... tough one to answer.

          Flavour is such a personal thing, if there was only one "correct" flavour profile then we would sell only one coffee in BeanBay and Dan Murphy's would have one bottle of red and one bottle of white.

          Add to that the brew method, grind depth, water temperature, what you had for lunch or toothpaste (seriously) and it's hard to guess why you didn't like it.

          Tangy -- would typically indicate under roasted but I know it wasn't so it might be the acidity that you didn't like.
          Pungent -- might be savoury/unami flavours that you weren't expecting.

          The Gold has a big following and we shipped 20kg from the same roast batch as yours, so if there was a problem I'm sure I would have heard from regular Gold drinkers that it changed.

          I can see that your previous order was for Espresso Organic, that is a much milder, rounder coffee than the Gold so that might go some way to narrow your preferences. In a similar style, the Colombian, Brazil, Peru and Indian Elephant Hills might be more suitable as they are more balanced, more "normal" styles. For something wilder and fruity, try the Harrar or the Ardi which are both favourites of mine in the Brazen or plunger but you might not like at all?

          All you can really do is try a few different 500g bags until you find the one that works the best with your equipment and taste-buds.

          Like I said, it's tough to answer!


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            Originally posted by Andy View Post
            Flavour is such a personal thing…
            Too true
            I do remember a particular 'Barista Venting' post years ago about a guy who had been searching all the cafes for coffee with a flavour just like his Mum used to make – and none of them were able provide the particular 'ashy cigarette smoke' flavour he was seeking!

            Keep searching richyeah – perhaps for plunger with that blend try letting the boiled water cool a little first before brewing? You can scald coffee in a plunger, which makes it taste harsh, and darker roasts are more susceptible that lighter.

            And as Andy mentioned, some coffees will be better for various taste and brew methods. I personally find that a lighter roasted Ethopian is much nicer as a long black style plunger or Aeropress, but if when I drink a plunger coffee with milk, a stronger espresso-style roast is better, even though it would not be so nice as a long black. Horses for courses.

            Andy has a great range of options – I'm sure you'll find the one that suits you

            Cheers Matt