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Sulawesi blue triple sort

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  • Sulawesi blue triple sort

    Triple sort? Yeah, I’m sure it won’t make much difference. Well that’s what I thought until I roasted some up. This is an amazing coffee. I’ve always been a fan of the Sulawesi blue coffee this one is the next level. Very big rich flavour and a coffee that lingers on the pallet for a long time. Impressive!

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    Can you share what your roasting this in and what your approach is?


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      Sure, I’m not too scientific so bear with me

      Behmor 1600+
      550g green beans <- I have to roast inside or back off to 400 - 500g if roasting outside depends on temperature
      P2 200g preheat with beans in roaster for about 2mins
      P3 400g until unattended count down
      press C
      P5 until 1C
      P3 until desired colour appears

      I waited about a week before I started drinking


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        We use a lot of the Sulawesi Blue in many of our commercial blends and yeah, this triple sort is certainly better but (there is always a but) the hand grading does seem to move around a lot from bag to bag visually but the roasted results are still great. The last bag I used was much more chaffy.

        I'm really enjoying this one too, great for adding body, depth and a umami savoury twist to a blend. Works really well as a gloopy single origin espresso but also when blended with a higher acidity coffee like the Rwanda Nyungwe or PNG Wahgi. It's also the best top-shelf mocha java when blended with Yemen Ismaili.