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    Yes they were a motley collection of beans. I removed about a teaspoon of beans out of 330 grams, mostly just cosmetic defects not many actual bad ones. Scale still said 330g afterwards so not a statistically significant number.

    After an extra long 14 hour rest, a very nice cuppa... nice crema, nice mouthfeel, notes of coffee, caramel and... more coffee. At this stage of aging I'm getting a similar result to say the Colombian Galeras Especial - notes mainly of coffee. Which is my favourite sort of coffee note, apart from maybe blueberries. Will be interesting to see what notes come up after a week or so.

    Grind level 18 on the Niche Zero.
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    It's great to get a coffee that tastes like good coffee...
    I've just got a bag of this and will be roasting up some soon


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      These beans are crema monsters. I use 80ml espresso cups and can only just fit a 50g (weighed) double shot.
      This is with beans roasted a week ago and using a spouted portafilter.
      If I tried to pour a double using a naked portafilter it would overflow the cup.
      I don't usually get this much crema unless a little Robusta is added.


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        These are absolutely delicious. An absolute shame that they are no longer available! Out of all of the beans we have tried from our latest order, these were the most decent flavour, one can take how ugly the beens are and add that ugliness to the flavour profile.