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    I guess if we know the equipment being used, one or more CSers should be able to help a newbie get within a bull's roar of something that will taste reasonable in the cup. That's what I try to do anyway and then Andy's recommendations above will ensure that the newbie roaster can hone in on, what they really love in the cup...



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      Just sharing my experience in case anyone else is having the same issue...I have been struggling with the Bensa for a while, as I couldn't get a satisfactory roast and didn't get what the raves were about.

      My Bensa roasts always had this bready/grainy aroma to it. That is until I finally decided to pick out the pale-looking beans (and some other weird looking beans). What a huge difference! I am not sure why my experience is so different from the others - perhaps I was really unlucky and got a bag with more defects than average (?), but mine was definitely not enjoyable until I started doing this.

      Give this a try if you're experiencing the same: pick out the pale/defect beans after roasting and set them aside. Then try smelling/brewing the sorted beans and the culled pale-beans side by side. For me, the aromas are day-and-night and they smell like two completely different beans (the pale beans smell really really really bready/grainy). I went a bit overboard and checked them bean-by-bean, and picked out about 10% (way overkill I know, if in doubt, cull!). But the result was well worth it. The grainy aroma is no longer there to overwhelm the fruitiness in the coffee. I can see why this was a winner!