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  • Mexico el Triunfo Arabigo

    I got a bag of the Mexico el Triunfo Arabigo from Beanbay when it recently got listed.

    Roasted a batch to the verge of second crack. I made a few long blacks and flat whites and thought they were quite good but with the final few beans of the batch decided to make myself a double espresso for some unknown reason (I am only an occasional espresso drinker).

    As I drank the espresso, I was greeted with a pleasant front acidity. Good body and cocoa notes then came the surprise - a tingling pepper spice finish that lingers.

    I couldn't believe my taste buds and quickly roasted another batch. Sure enough the pepper was there. I even got my son to confirm it.

    I have seen coffee described as peppery, this is the first time I have actually tasted it. I highly recommend it!

    I wonder if I blend it with some Kenya AA from a previous raid of Beanbay, would I get a coffee that resembles Shiraz? Might be worth a try.

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    Hi lancruiser
    I am tasting it (for the first time) as a S.O. also- espresso roast and found a similarly spice finish - my roast had subdued cocoa and then the lovely aftertaste --i thought initially it maybe one to watch for too much funkiness as it rested - but it holds its balance very nicely. I didn't know what direction to head for a blend,so did another single origin roast!!!! Will look on with inter for further matched suggestions


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      On second thought, I don't hold too much hope for a blend with Kenya. 2 very strong coffee are not likely to complement each other. I will blend a little post-roast for a try though.

      Something you might want to try is to use it as a substitute for the PNG in Greenman's fruitcake blend.

      As you have already alluded to, this coffee is very drinkable as a straight espresso. There is little to no bitterness to speak of. I might just do that.