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    Just a couple of weeks ago, 5 Senses sold some Yemenia which was purchased at auction for USD $25/lb, imported, roasted (filter) and then packed into150g tins. Retail price was $465/kg. I didn't buy any.

    In recent times it's been extremely difficult to get anything out of Yemen which was close to the amazing coffees we were drinking 10 or so years ago. That happens when you're staving, sick or being shot at.

    Mine arrived and went straight into the Aillio in an 800g lot with FC at about 10 min and all done at 214 deg C with 14 min elapsed. All of this happened a couple of days ago. It was well before peak, but I couldn't wait and cracked into it the next day. This is Yemen and it's right up there with the best few I have tried.

    It's also all gone: Some consumed, some shared. Big body, low acidity, mocha and dried pudding fruit. Desert island stuff for me too and I'm thrilled that money is getting to those who need it via Andy's purchases and in FC initiatives.

    Nice work Andy. This one rocks. This morning I roasted some more and the plan is to try and let it rest and peak.
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    Andy has definitely excelled himself with this one.

    This is the best Yemen I’ve tried and what’s more I found that, at a medium to dark roast, it tasted superb just after 3 days. I have a bag of medium and a bag of dark roast roast sitting next to the Monolith. The dark roast was great after three days and continues to improve. The medium roast started to get much better after seven days and is now my favourite.

    Well done Andy! It is great to see this quality of coffee coming out of Yemen again.


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      I'm embarrassed that companies in our industry feel the need for excessive mark-ups, it's just greedy and does nothing for the farming families that produce great coffee. I tried all the coffees in that UK auction and in my opinion these two Yemen are equal or better than any of them.

      Instead of buying from a 3rd party marketing company we sourced these direct via our man on the ground Ahmed whom we have a long time relationship with and who is honestly passionate about his country, the people and their produce. The punchline is better coffee, better pricing and fair for the growers.

      The Hamasil and the Ismaili are quite different to each other and yes, both stunning however you choose to roast and brew them

      Enjoy every sip of these very special coffees!


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        I roasted a batch a couple of days ago, already started pulling some test shots. Its so well balanced and smooth that it deceives a little, but 10 minutes later the taste and mouthfeel is still there, and then I can't help but pull another shot!

        Can't wait to see how it develops!