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    Originally posted by Andy View Post
    Above Kaffelogic profile uploaded with the .KRPO extension.
    Someone please test.

    The file downloads as a YemenSpro.kpro.txt file for me (safari/mac), after renaming it, it loads ok.


    • Andy
      Andy commented
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      stupid mac. It added that extension.

    • DamianB
      DamianB commented
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      Chrome doesn't add the txt extension, must be Safari

      No hassle for me...

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    So, I gave Steve's revised profile a run on both the Yemen Hamasil (1st log below) and Yemen Mocha (2nd log below). In each case I roasted 110g green. Seems to be a little less drastic jumping around in the RoR, but could be a scaling effect on the graph.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	logYemenH.jpg
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Name:	logYemenMocha.jpg
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    • Steve82
      Steve82 commented
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      Looking at those is interesting i guess thats the difference 10g makes. I always forget to add notes about batch size which for me is always 100g.

    • Barry O'Speedwagon
      Barry O'Speedwagon commented
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      Yeh, I've just used 110g from early on, but that may change as winter sets in in Canberra.

      I guess the extra payload might also affect the proportion of time that the probe is 'under' the bean mass? Which could also make the measured RoR a bit more consistent....but likely immaterial.

    • Steve82
      Steve82 commented
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      Quite possible, it is very sensitive with the bare probe?

      I get more concerned about how it affects the power adjustments the PID makes. My goal is to have reasonably stable power after yellow then increase through crack / finish to ensure good development / crack.

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    I'll add my graph for data
    100g dose, bagged, will open after 7 days or so
    Click image for larger version

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      Originally posted by DamianB View Post
      I also noticed the tasting notes say "sultanas and spice" was this changed? I thought is was strawberry and milk chocolate, or did I just make that assumption based on what 2019 batch gave me.
      Maybe I'm chasing strawberry, when there is no strawberry.
      Looking back at previous BeanBay release announcements in none of Andy's descriptions of the Ismaili has it ever been described as having any strawberry notes. His description of the 2019 batch was exactly the same as this years batch: "In the cup you will get a viscous syrup of fat sultanas and spice and an amazing lingering flavour that will have you wearing a trail back to the machine for more."

      Other Yemen/Yemeni Mokha/Mocha beans in BeanBay have been described as having fruit and/or berry notes but never the Ismaili.

      Java "It pays to keep written notes" phile
      Toys! I must have new toys!!!


      • DamianB
        DamianB commented
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        Thanks, I must have confused it from my notes

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      Roasting some more samples this morning and thought I would run Yemen Mokha using the faster roast which Luca came up with. I made some slight tweaks to the ROR going into and through first crack. Got a really solid and compact first crack with this profile which ends up using less heat / power overall because of the faster early development.

      Ground samples let sit for 30 min with yesterdays roast and cupped alongside some other KL and commercial roasts (ColCOE1, SEY, Wendleboe)

      The faster profile is superior in every way for my tastes, much sweeter, brighter fruity acidity and aromatic in the cup. In contrast yesterdays stretched MAI roast is very overdeveloped and I concede that with an espresso / ristretto extraction around 1:1 - 1:1.5 many will prefer the longer roast which is fair enough as contrast is everything.

      Overall I would say these 2 roasts are the extremes and playing around in that little space between them would be a good idea.
      I see no reason why if one desires a slightly more caramelised roast letting this faster profile run another 10 - 20 seconds would not satisfy?

      Attached txt roast log was 14.2% weight loss, pretty decent medium caramel colour and I would classify this firmly in the all purpose roast zone or OMNI roast.


      Click image for larger version

Name:	YemenA2mod.JPG
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        I bought a spare bag so I could donate half a bag to profiling this bean.
        Going by cupping tastes, the roast below kicks arse.

        Other info: It produces 1% higher EY than other cups and slightly higher (.12) pH.
        Time will tell how it holds up to espresso and milk

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.jpeg
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          Well 10 days later and 2 profile trials to report back on using the Kaffelogic and the Yemen Mocha Ishmaeli benas

          My first profile was a hybrid between the 0-1200M REST profile and steves original YemenProS ( not the updated version). It drinks reasonably but not astoundingly. I fear my attempt to slightly retard the curve through first FC to prolong development resulted in some baking. The flavours were slightly muted. So no points for this one.

          The second was using the Yemenpro S original (not updated) curve. This was a better more rounded in the cup shot after 10 days.- still not astounding but quite okay. My next foray will be using the slightly quicker roast profile referred to in Steve's post 35 above ( steve and Luca) , at a slightly less dark roast level ( finish near 222 degrees as in the example). Cheers Darryl