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Ethiopian Ardi Late Pick

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  • Ethiopian Ardi Late Pick

    This packs a fair wallop!

    I got this green bean and roasted it in my Hottop to medium at about 30% with the Columbian Volcan Galeras. I had thought that this bean might be overwhelming as a single origin and I still do.

    It was just my best guess first attempt but it seems very nice but quite different with fruity notes coming through strongly.

    I will probably stick to 30% in my blend.

    I am interested in other opinions and blends and experiences. This is certainly an extreme bean that has caught my interest.

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    It is not like other Ethiopians I have roasted.
    The first roast I ran a typical Ethiopian profile I use and 1C was like fireworks on New Year’s Eve !
    Rolling 1C just kept going and going and going, consequently it was a darker roast than planned and full on rich “tropical” fruit. The next roast I was more careful but still 1C was very aggressive and was still in full flight and went beyond the point I had planned
    The 3rd roast I used a lower charge temp, slower profile and longer roast with a more gentle but still vigorous 1C, it was still heavy fruit but much better as a single origin
    As a 50/50 blend it is excellent, I have blended with African and Costa Rican beans, that subdues the really strong Ardi flavours but it does not swamp or dominate, it just seems to add some really interesting underlying flavours.
    When I went back to Andy's notes on BB I think he told us what was going on "This is the same Ardi but intentionally left on the trees longer to produce an even more explosive flavour profile. Their theory is that the sweetest point of sugars in the fruit is when it's slightly overripe and starting to naturally ferment. Leaving harvest a little longer than normal has exaggerated port florals, fruit and sweetness into an even more amazing coffee in the lighter roast depths."
    A fascinating bean to play with.


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      Thanks for the rundown, what charge temp did you use? I’m pretty new to roasting using a Behmor I try to start at a charge temp of 100C with 250gm.

    • wattgn
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      I use a Hottop roaster and I can confirm it is very easy to over roast it. The beans are small so they take energy very quickly.

      I am now drinking a 100% Ardi roast and I have decided it is very nice in my milk drinks. Initially I thought it might have been a bit much as it is so different from most coffees but actually it is very nice. I have tasted it as an espresso and likewise...different but very tasty and pleasant.

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    I think this is a love it or hate it bean - personally it's my all time favourite (straight espressos) and I literally can't get enough of it (it's out of stock). What would be the most similar alternative? the other 5 Ethiopeans currently available just don't have these killer fermented notes that I'm now addicted to.


    • wattgn
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      I like the late pick Ardi even as an espresso. It has grown on me. It was so highly aromatic that I was highly suspicious even though I liked the flavour. It has taken several batches to get the roast correct as it is easy to over roast due to the small bean size. I find the aromas it has actually carry better in milk drinks than as an espresso for some reason. It is nice in both though.

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    I personally love these too and if anyone has any and they don't really like them I am happy to work out a deal! 😉


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      Ignore this, I was going to say you could have the stuff I have on hand but I got the quantity wrong and I only have a couple of kg.