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Thread: Single basket blues - Gaggia.

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    Single basket blues - Gaggia.

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    Gaggia Classic. Im getting fantastic shots from the double basket, dosing level with the basket top or very slightly domed - about 14.5g. 30Lb tamp gets the grounds down to just the right level, portafilter hooks in and I get a 28s pour and all is perfect in the world. However, Im really having difficulty with the single basket (sometimes feel like a coffee before bed or something and dont want to drink a double or two lattes). If I dose level, then tamping doesnt squeeze the coffee far enough into the basket and the portafilter wont hook into the group as the coffee comes up against the shower screen. If I do manage to get it in then I get a very slow pour (drip drip drip). The correct dose where the handle just gets in is about 6g, and I get about 20s pour. Should I try another basket? Any ideas? Or do I just stick to double shots and stay awake all night?

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    Re: Single basket blues - Gaggia.

    Have you tried fining up your grind a little for the singles?

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    Re: Single basket blues - Gaggia.

    Forget the single basket and make a double but instead of pouring two shots, make one and stop the pour at the level of a single shot (this is called a ristretto).

    Alternately, make two shots, pour one into an ice cube tray and freeze for use for making iced coffee at a later stage

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    Re: Single basket blues - Gaggia.

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    Maybe try striking off with a curved implement, so you dose a little lower?

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