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Thread: Its funny how the world works...

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    Its funny how the world works...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hello everyone,

    Im a recent addition to this community. Ive been thinking of roasting for years and never got around to giving it a whirl. It is fantastic to find such an active Australian community of home roasters. I have every confidence that I will be home roasting successfully for a long time now.

    So, I got he "newbie" starter pack and the sample roasted pack. I havent roasted yet, but I have tried each of the coffees from the sample pack and they are fantastic. That Ethiopian Harrah Longberry is something special, aint it? So, I have my baseline, now I just need to get roasting.

    Before I committed to buying the green beans, I had to work out how I was going to roast, and this is where we see fate come into the picture. I do believe that I have free will, but this sort of thing freaks me out a little. You see, money is a little tight at the moment, so I expected to go to a few second hand an opportunity shops to find a $5 popcorn popper. I mentioned this to my partner and she says, "cant you just use the one we have in storage?" Turns out that we have a popcorn popper from years ago that barely got used and it is perfect for roasting. I then told her what I was going to do with the popcorn popper and she said, "your going to do WHAT with MY popcorn popper?" Its ok, I won the argument that followed.

    Now, I thought that unknowingly having a popcorn popper was a mildly freaky, but the coincidences continued. When retrieving the popcorn popper from storage, I came across a spare bread maker - I had no idea that this thing was in our possession. The word "Corretto" rang in my head. If only I had a heat gun...

    A few days later, my partners father came round to help strip some paint from door frames. What does he bring with him to do the job? A heat gun. I was amazed as how well this thing stripped the paint. So impressed that I suggested we go and strip paint from all the windows and doors around the house that stick or are jammed. His reply was, "Ill buy you a heat gun for Christmas and you can do it yourself."

    Ill buy you a heat gun for Christmas. The best Christmas present ever! Paired with the spare break maker, Im gonna be Correttoing in the new year.

    The world works in mysterious ways. It seems I was MEANT to roast.



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    Re: Its funny how the world works...

    Dan welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    That was an interesting and amusing read.

    We were all meant to roast, its just that some lost souls dont realise it yet.

    Have fun!

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    Re: Its funny how the world works...

    Haha, keep looking Dan, you might find an old 1950s Probat roaster lying around the corner.

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    Re: Its funny how the world works...

    Thanks guys - I hope to roast this weekend, assuming the popper doesnt burn out...

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    Re: Its funny how the world works...

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    Quote Originally Posted by YeeZa link=1228349220/0#2 date=1228350470
    Haha, keep looking Dan, you might find an old 1950s Probat roaster lying around the corner.
    1950s Probat - From experience I can tell you its less fun than you think

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