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Thread: Good start to the morning

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    Good start to the morning

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    My company had a staff breakfast this morning.
    When I got into work a lot of people were coming back to their desk after it and some were still heading down to it.
    People were telling me to go and have some cos it was pretty good.
    I was saying no as Id already had my breakfast AND my coffee.
    Then someone came back with a take-away cup of coffee and said "This is pretty good. I think youd like it. Apparently the guy making it came 2nd in some competition".
    I looked at the cup a bit closer and realised it was a Veneziano cup..... DAVE MAKIN IS DOING THE COFFEE!!!

    Then there was just a Brett shaped cloud of dust where I had been standing.

    Yes indeed, Dave Makin was downstairs pumping out coffees for our company breakfast. (One of our brands has a fairly strong connection with him.)

    How good is that!

    Ive now had 3 coffees this morning. YAY!

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    Re: Good start to the morning

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatboy link=1229036326/0#0 date=1229036325
    Then there was just a Brett shaped cloud of dust where I had been standing.
    ;D ;D ;D

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