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Thread: Sig. Drink

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    Sig. Drink

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    Some of you may know that I plan to compete very soon. So I hope some of you can give me suggestions on my sig. drink. I want a nice and simple one that doesnt require too much fiddling as Ill probably be shaking so much... not so good for latte art. So any ideas are accepted!


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    Re: Sig. Drink

    Hey CK,

    Not sure if you want to disclose this on a public forum (maybe its a suprise?), but what beans/blend are you planning on using? Perhaps that would give everyone a starting point.


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    Re: Sig. Drink

    latte art sig drink your asking about?

    here is some ideas -

    and his flickr -

    and another flickr -

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    Re: Sig. Drink

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    Whatever drink you make, CK, Im sure its going to look stunning. Good luck!!

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