Hi Everyone.

Just got back from Hervey Bay. *My wife and I go there simi regularity to stay with friends and I always have a really bad time looking for a decent coffee. *On this trip we were driving along the waterfront in Scarness and my wife spotted a new cafe that has opened since our last visit. *The place was called lillians and the sign said that they roasted their own coffee so we gave it a shot. *The roaster they had in there kind of looked like a big stainless oven thing with a glass pot sitting on top. *I am guessing that it is a hot air roaster. *Anyway we both ordered caps which were not very good. *However we returned the following morning for breakfast with our friends and had some very nice coffees the next day. *I let them know discreetly about the coffee I had the previous day. *So if you are in Hervey Bay and can strike the right barista you should be able to get a decent coffee.

P.S. visited Pioneer in Yandina on the way up. *Their mocha java blend is out of this world. *It will now be a regular stop thats for sure.