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Thread: Water Softeners

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    Water Softeners

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    Has anyone tried using these or know if they are a viable option? mod edit- URL removed. *I will need to install a softener of some type and these look to be simple to fit and supposedly last forever. *Any comments or advice appreciated.

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    Re: Water Softeners

    Hi Ento,

    Bombora supplies <<<<<<<<<<< site sponsor will assist you great coffee specific water softening gear...


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    Re: Water Softeners

    Whoops, I inadvertantly directed this to a non sponser commercial site. I only wanted to clearly identify the product in question. This is the so called "MAIC" water softening system (MAgnetises, Ionises, Catalyzes). Anyone used one or can advise whether these are a viable option? It seems a bit questionable as the calcium is not removed, but instead "suspended" in the water by the process, so supposedly it will not calcify in the machine, but merely pass through the system. Any comments appreciated.

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    Re: Water Softeners


    This is my personal opinion. Background: Science (PhD) and Process Engineering. Quoting from a few websites,

    The MAIC technology works in 3 stages:
    * MAGNETIZATION: The energy generated by the permanent magnets
    causes molecular decomposition.
    Personal opinion: CRAP

    * IONIZATION: The magnets are positioned in alternate polarity to break
    up the bicarbonate molecules, thus reducing them in shape and volume.
    Personal opinion: CRAP

    * CATALYZATION: The catalytic induction fixes this transformation and
    keeps it more stable and durable even in presence of high temperatures
    or high water hardness.

    The effect of this process through the MAIC technology is that a new
    crystal is formed, the Aragonite, which stays suspended in the water
    and is exhausted by the simple water flow.

    I dont have a phase diagram handy to look at to see the stability of the
    aragonite form of CaCO3 compared to the calcite form at room temp and coffee boiler temp/pressure but I doubt the temp/pressure range will have any effect. The addition of salts such as sulphate, magnesium ions do have an effect on the crystal form of scale deposited in kettles (it can often be in the form of aragonite) but magnets have no effect.

    My advice is to steer clear of products that make claims such as these.


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    Re: Water Softeners

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    Thanks Mike, I thought it sounded a bit like "magic petrol saving crystal" technology, but always good to find out what others have experienced or deduced.

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