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Thread: mokador coffee?

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    mokador coffee?

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    I had a mokador coffee yesterday at of all places a pie shop (THE pie shop) on the Tweed Coast, and It was pretty good all things considered!

    The thing is I read the packaging on the takeaway cup and it stated that the coffee originated from Italy and has been around since 1967 (the year I was born coincidentally....)

    I asked if it had been roasted locally under license or imported from Italy but nobody seemed to know

    Considering some of the less than memorable coffees that Ive had in this part of the world I was pleasantly surprised by the calibre of this coffee

    Does anyone else know anything about this elusive blend?



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    Re: mokador coffee?

    What exactly did you want to know.
    The coffee is still imported from Italy and they have several blends. You could go to their extensive website for more information.
    Dont know which blend you tried but the GMB we find is excellent as a base for milk based coffees. The flavour really cuts through the milk. Our tulip cups hold 180mls which seems to be perfect.


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    Re: mokador coffee?

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    How funny! I actually designed those cups years ago and came up with the concept of the coffee story on the cup.

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