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Thread: Central Americas

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    Central Americas

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    Id like to put in a bid for some Central American beans in the next poll. The beans from Guatamala and El Salvador have been outstanding - my favourites in fact along with the Dominican. Whilst I like do like the the Costa Rican beans, in the past ive found them slightly too acid for a black coffee. Anyway thats my two bobs worth. Tim

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    Re: Central Americas

    Hi Tim,

    I tried some high grade Mexican beans they were very nice as well , Not sure if they have already appeared in the polls. Although I also really enjoyed the El Salvador Beans so it would be a tough pick between the two


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    Re: Central Americas

    I thought our last lot of Guatamalian was exceptional...

    I too look forward to our next lot of it (or similar high grade).

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    Re: Central Americas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Freeman link=1131328761/0#2 date=1131352724
    I thought our last lot of Guatamalian was exceptional...

    You got that right, Andy. *Of all the beans I have tried, the Guatemalan Atitlan ones are BY FAR the best - real chocolate - and Im hanging out to ordrer some more. *How about some for the November polls as an early Christmas present? *
    Thanks Santa.
    For me - the Central Americans are tops. *The Colombian and Dominicans are in the A grade shelf as well.

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