Weve been away from home for a fortnight -- and despite the enjoyment of travel, we missed our Silvia and home espressos.

Didnt dare risk an espresso anywhere: just lattes and cappuccinos, some good, others not so.

Apologies if I have not responded to relevant posts during this time. *Ill try and catch up in the coming week. *(Missed Coffeesnobs, too.)

But having barely unpacked our suitcases, the first thing I did was dash out the back with a popper to roast 70 grams of Colombian beans. *In my rush I forgot to take out a colander, and although they were done to perfection just short of second crack, by the time I unplugged the machine and dashed inside--still smoking-- they were well and truly into second. But still look OK.

In a couple of hours, degassed or not, theyll be producing the most sought-after espresso in weeks.