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Thread: Coffee air freshener

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    Coffee air freshener

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    Probably not a new idea....I decided my car needed a new smell and not being a huge fan of the scented car air fresheners you buy from the supermarket *borrowed* a mesh bag that my wife had in her undies draw filled with potpourri and refilled it with freshly roasted coffee beans. Now when I open my ute it smells just like when I open my kitchen cupboard! :) Not sure how long the smell will last but I always have a refill ready!

    Give it a go!


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    Re: Coffee air freshener

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    What ya should have done is buy your own mesh bag... You laze person..

    The trick then is to make sure they do not get mixed up.. ;)

    Other wise your car will smell very flowery and other clothing might be like ya kitchen cupboard ;D

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