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Thread: Weight of a bag of coffee beans

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    Weight of a bag of coffee beans

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    Hi there,

    I was wondering: are bags of coffee a standard weight (60kg? 80kg? 100kg?)

    - Rob

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    Re: Weight of a bag of coffee beans

    Mostly yes with weight dependant on the country of origin.

    standard new guineas, brazilian, ethiopian, kenyan, indonesian etc etc etc come in 60kilo bags;
    standard guatemalans come in 150lb (pound) bags = 68.2 kilos
    Nicaraguans come in 70 kilo bags if memory serves correct.

    Some are however starting to use smaller bags eg 25 or 30 kilos...and this may well be a push by the larger coffee brokers...perhaps wanting to have an advantage over other brokers, by specifying smaller bags that are easier to handle.

    I think smaller bags are great...theres only so many 60 to 70 kilo bags you can handle in any "one sitting" but I can throw 25 kilo bags around all I reckon the smaller bags actually lead to happier staff & better productivity. Go the smaller bags.....


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    Re: Weight of a bag of coffee beans

    Here here on the smaller bags FC.

    The health and safety aspect of moving bags around all day is driving the smaller bags for sure.

    It was interesting on the roaster tour that we did a few weeks ago, they are setup for the large bags (auto loader) and the smaller ones actualy add to their work-load. it depends on who you talk to I spose

    You are right about the Nicaraguan, the other that often comes in 70kg is PNG (or maybe they were 150 pound ones too).

    What I found interesting is how much heavier 10kg is :) Those 70kg bags feel like they are bolted to the pallet!

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    Re: Weight of a bag of coffee beans

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    Yeah there are 3 things Andy...

    the extra 9 or 10 kilos in the bags from central american (ie over the "smaller" 60 kilo bags) really do add to the "impossibility factor"....they may as well have doubled the weight of the bags it makes them so difficult to handle.

    The impossibility factor is also dependent on the material tyhe bag is made of and the size of the weave....making osme bags much harder than others to handle because you cant get a good grip and

    yes it depends on the set up of the individual roaster....we dont have any "real" automation at the incoming side of the process so smaller bags are better for those of us who still use the human factor. You can use forklifts, conveyors & loaders all you like but at some point in the supply line, we still have to handle the bags!


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