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Thread: Galapagos Island Coffee

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    Galapagos Island Coffee

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    Hi ,

    I read some reports on this coffee , has anyone ever tried this coffee to give an opinion on whether it is worth including in the polls . Cause it certainly sounds interesting.

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    Re: Galapagos Island Coffee

    I have never seen it in the suppliers lists.
    ...but if I do Ill request a testing sample.

    (you do find some weird ones Paul)

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    Re: Galapagos Island Coffee

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    Ive cupped this one and its a real unusual profile. In this cup there is a light acidity, with a very light body. With great caramel overtones and smells of spice it reminds me in many way of Kona. Only when it cools a little do you really taste the spice tones that make it distinct.

    Great experience coffee.


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