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Thread: Any Rancilio snobs in Sydney?

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    Any Rancilio snobs in Sydney?

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    Hey guys,

    Picked up my Rocky Friday (huzzah!) and have been having a ggod play with it over the weekend. Id really like to visit someone who has their machines dialled in so I can see the pour etc and know what Im aiming for. Actually, if you have images of good pours you could just post them up on this thread. Probably a little more convenient. That extends to everyone :)

    Ive had fat, foamy crema only pours through to pungent over extracted slow drips in my playing, and knowing what speed a good pour should come out at would be very helpful.


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    Re: Any Rancilio snobs in Sydney?

    Well I got my Silvia a few months ago and Im in Sydney. I played with it a good week with 500 grams of beans to get used to the machine and develop my skills on it. Though I cant say I make perfect espresso I certainly get good pours and a nice cuppa. The picture in my profile is a pic of one of my espressos with that machine.


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    Re: Any Rancilio snobs in Sydney?

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    "fat" bubbly crema can sometimes be caused by beans which havent been rested sufficiently after roasting.

    You dont want the pour gushing out in 10 seconds flat... aim for about 18-20 grams in the double basket, to pour out in about 25 seconds, with crema the darker the better. A rusty colour would be great, a pale off-white definitely not good. Thin streams have a better extraction, wide ones indicate a coarse grind, a soft tamp or not enough coffee.

    Will try to take some photos.


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