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Thread: Who else loves the Piccolo Affagato?

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    Who else loves the Piccolo Affagato?

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    Had one of these for the first time today at Campos here in Brisbane. What a treat... i might have to start making my own! The way campos make it is a 90ml glass with frozen ice cream filled almost all the way to the top... shot of espresso on top of the ice cream. Then you get to eat your way down through the ice cream, espresso drizzling down to cover each mouthful. :)

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    Re: Who else loves the Piccolo Affagato?

    my husband does !
    on occasion he even has one for breakfast :o


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    Re: Who else loves the Piccolo Affagato?

    I call them Espresso Sundays and I add fine crushed nuts as well


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    Re: Who else loves the Piccolo Affagato?

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    You can play around with different types of icecream or gelato as well. At cibo we used to sneak in pistachio or hazelnut gelato, or panna cotta gelato or a few other nutty combos with the espresso to make affogatos and the like. Then I went down to Sydney and Tobys Estate in Potts Point had like 4 different affogato flavours, including the venerable vanilla bean gelato which makes quite a counterpoint to their Rico espresso.

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