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Thread: Beans gowing in the forrest behind my property

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    Beans gowing in the forrest behind my property

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    To those that remember my last post, And others, I now have built a house and live here. The coffee trees behind are starting to fruit so I expect to get a lot more out this coming November/ December (or there abouts)
    This time I hope to get a Kilo to Andy for evaluation(not asked yet)
    They are probably K7 Hybrid but are growing in thick rainforest and are quite high in caffeine. Ive had to blend them with other beans from bean bay to tone down the poisoning kick.
    The last time I dried them out with pulp on then started trying to peel each bean of it husk. Soon as I got the blisters (and Im a chippy),I thought there must be a better way to de-husk so I threw a half handful into a cheap coffee grinder(With the rotating blades) for a few seconds and out they came all de-husked.
    BUT That is a very long process to do like that.
    Is there a trick to de-Husk sun / Air dried beans.
    Also for this batch, would I be better washing the pulp as much as possible or leaving it on.
    Im at 135 metres above sea level but it still gets a little humid during the picking /drying season. The drying beans, every few batches can get a very light mould over the husk depending on the weather I have at the time.
    Any thoughts for my journey?
    Im in the Northern Rivers / Queensland boarder area (Tweed)
    Im not looking to sell beans, Just want to get the best bean I can produce, Have it tasted and evaluated by top brass. Then I will have accomplished my mission

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    Re: Beans gowing in the forrest behind my property

    Hrmmmm.. I am harvesting my cherries now, I have some fully dehusked currently (parchment layer removed - I pulp the outer skin off after sorting out the floaters). I sometimes get a slight mould on the parchment layer too, and Ive found that with the current weather, the dew is so heavy I cant leave them out overnight, I have to bring all the beans inside every afternoon, then put back out in the sun in the morning (central queensland).

    I too use the blender with plastic blades to remove the parchment layer, then I blow it all around outside between colanders trying to get most of the parchment out.. the rest I pick out by hand.. its really labourious but I dont know of a better way.

    Ive found that drying in a convection oven at 40 degrees C really helps finish the drying off, or catch up if they get slightly damp after youve left em outside. Ive had mine in the oven at 40C for probably 3 hours so far.. Ill give them a few more drying sessions yet.. but theyre starting to smell like "real" dried seeds ::) Love it.

    Good luck ay ;)

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    Re: Beans gowing in the forrest behind my property

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    Thanks Rolley, Can you describe Pulping the berrys?
    I can easily pick a few twenty litre buckets and last year I squezzed each bean from the berry out by hand.
    Id be interested in how you do yours.

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