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Thread: Getting serious about coffee

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    Getting serious about coffee

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    My wonderful girlfriend got me a voucher for a coffee course for my birthday and I enrolled myself in the weekend before last. The course was great and taught me a lot about everything but best of all I finally got a chance to actually have a go at making different types of coffee. I was pretty rubbish...and incredibly messy but it was great fun and has made me want to pursue coffee snobbery even more.

    I thought I could texture milk before I went in there (on a cheap Sunbeam machine) but man, I wasnt expecting how quick it would all be on a four-hole jet of a steam wand ;D

    No real reason for this post just a bit excited with the idea of saving and spending huge amounts of money on something Im really interested in!

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    Re: Getting serious about coffee

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    Sounds like you are well on the road to coffee snobbery ;D. Its fun (albeit a little expensive, but not compared to say golf) and very addictive.

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