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Thread: So heres the plan... (Melbourne)

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    So heres the plan... (Melbourne)

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Im really keen to learn more about coffee in an appreciation kinda way. Im not talking about a career change, nor do I just want to know how to make an amazing cup (or cups) I want to know about different beans, pouring, roasting, technique etc.

    Some has suggested getting in touch with Mark D (St Ali) - which I did. Then I heard Mark had moved on. Anyone know where hes at ... or how to get in touch with him.

    Or indeed ... how else might I start on my coffee expression and appreciation journey?


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    Re: So heres the plan... (Melbourne)

    you already have by becoming a CS Welcome Ratbaggy. now you just have to read what you want to know

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    Re: So heres the plan... (Melbourne)

    Mark sold St ALi to Salvatore Malatesta of Malatesta Corp.

    He recently started his new venture, a microroastery called Seven Seeds. Google is your friend :)

    Good luck,


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    Re: So heres the plan... (Melbourne)

    A warm welcome Rat !
    You live in Melbourne mate the coffee world is at your doorstep and of course CS is at your finger tips ;D

    Enjoy, Chris

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    Re: So heres the plan... (Melbourne)

    Check out the Melbourne coffee review website.
    Got some great reviews there

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    Re: So heres the plan... (Melbourne)

    awesome advice. thanks all.

    Snob Azz - unfortunately reading doesnt do much for me when it comes to learning this sort of stuff. :)

    Wushoes - the name was all I needed. Thanks heaps! ;)

    The coffee world IS definitely at my doorstep, particularly since I live Northside.

    Will update with progress.

    Thanks again everyone. Stay buzzed!

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    Re: So heres the plan... (Melbourne)

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    I think you might like the coffee tour run by Maria at evolving success. $40 per head 3 hours of coffee and other food related stuff. I think it is called the coffee history tour (or historical) google coffee tour melbourne.
    We had a great time on that one.
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