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Thread: La Marzocco "Out of the Box"

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    La Marzocco "Out of the Box"

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    "ITALY - La Marzocco has decided not to participate at the 2009 edition of Host in Milan Will instead realize La Marzocco Out of the Box, a parallel event during the course of Host, the first event of its kind in the coffee industry."

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    Re: La Marzocco "Out of the Box"

    Interesting, Ive seen a trend for this sort of thing in the AV and Content Creation (NAB, IBC, InfoComm & Broadcast Asia trade shows esp.) industries over the last couple of years. Large Suppliers holding dedicated events at the same time as major trade shows.

    It carries a lot of benefits, not the least of which is that it is often much cheaper than building a massive trade display. Also, you spend the money knowing that while your customers are in the space, your message is the only one they are seeing and not 100s of other suppliers all at once.

    Not surprised to see the same sort of thing happening in other industries too.

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    Re: La Marzocco "Out of the Box"

    Its also a form of more targeted marketing, eg not so many tyre kickers.

    If you are seriously intrested in the product youll go visit, but if you are only going for a look you wont bother.

    They will get less people attend so more one on one time with customers but the conversion rate will be higher I assume.

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    Re: La Marzocco "Out of the Box"

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    I thought youd bought a GS3 and were doing an "out of the box" review.

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