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Thread: Whos making your coffee??

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    Whos making your coffee??

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    Now I dont know about you, but these days I like to be aware of who is making my coffee. Like the other day as I entered a new coffee outlet on opening day, I spied a gleaming LaMarzocco but the barista seemed tentative around that machine, so at the risk of making a fool of myself I asked what brand of machine they had. On my side, the lettering was large and clear and I dont know what is on the other side but the barista was unable to help me. I then asked what brand of coffee they were using. This question the barista could answer. Pointing at the hopper came the reply: "Coffee beans, roasted coffee beans".
    Youve got to admit, one out of two aint bad!
    I nodded my thanks and quietly left.

    Entering Coffee Dominion in Townsville last Thursday, I also spied a LaMarzocco. This time, no need to ask any questions. The two Gen Ys behind the counter were confident, engaging and certainly knew what they were doing. The coffee was very good but I wanted more......I wanted the bar manager to make my next coffee. Hed be around here somewhere, even if it were his day off. I met this guy, Jia Brooks at the Australian Barista Champs on the Gold Coast earlier this year. I said that since he had travelled everywhere in his coffee quest (yes, including Stumptown!), then at least I could drop in on my next visit to Townsville. He came downstairs, and, after re-acquainting, offered to make me a coffee. Back in my seat now, out came the Canon digital IXUS8015 and I began writing a label to place on the saucer Coffee Dominion 06/09 Jia it read. I then glanced across to the machine and there he was, his face a mask of concentration. Youd swear this was the 2010 World Barista Champs......he had finished in equal first place and now this was a sudden-death shootout with the title resting on this single coffee he was making......MY coffee. Its obvious that to him, this coffee thing is all-consuming and Im glad that it hasnt/wont get me as well.....One more snap with the Canon should do......maybe if I can position the coffee with the machine in the background.....perfect, these photos will look good in my collection!

    P.S. Just been reading my BeanScene and does anybody out there know where I can get a MONKEY STEALS THE PEACH T-shirt?

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    Re: Whos making your coffee??

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    Love your work CJM. Keep the posts coming.

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