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Thread: Gaggia delux pouring help

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    Gaggia delux pouring help

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    Got a friend who just got a gaggia and an isomac inox grinder. Hes struggling to get a good pour. Has anyone got this combo or can advise the best grind setting for a gaggia and some tips on getting a nice shot?

    Hes tried he single and double cup but finds its pouring too fast and there is no crema


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    Re: Gaggia delux pouring help

    Im not sure about the grinder but if the pour is too fast the grind is not fine enough.

    The coffee could also be stale.
    Stale coffee needs a finer grind.

    They also might not be putting enough coffee in the basket.

    What coffee are they using?
    How old is it?
    Can the grinder grind finer or is it already at its limit?

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    Re: Gaggia delux pouring help

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    thanks for the response.

    Yeah coffee is fresh, he has tried a few different grinder settings.

    Anybody know how long it should take for a shot to be poured (using a double size basket)
    And how high should the basket be filled?


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