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Thread: Costa Rica

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    Costa Rica

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    I have friends, of whom one is from Costa Rica, and I have run out of the Tarialba that I had. While they can survive on other beans, I know they would like some from Costa Rica, and I dont mind some either...

    Anything from that part of the Central America coming soon????


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    Re: Costa Rica

    Possibly a Terrazu?? Please... ;)

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    Re: Costa Rica

    +1 I had a little piece of costa rica in a cup at my local where they do a Single origin of the week thingo, which was absolutely MAGICAL!! id be keen to buy some green beans from costa rica. so long as i can mimic the tongue tingling brew my local supplied for me haha. ;D

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    Re: Costa Rica

    Other good Costa Ricans?

    Terrazu, Los Anonos, La Lapa to name a few.

    The La Lapa is my Fav when its available :)

    Ive tried a COE lot from Costa Rico while i was at Bar9 in Adelaide recently and was very impressed also.

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    Re: Costa Rica

    Would love to get some costa rican... possibly a honey process.

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    Re: Costa Rica

    An excellent Tarrazu SHB is in the next BeanBay
    When will that be? Early June with any luck!

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    Re: Costa Rica

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4C6369740D0 link=1250054687/5#5 date=1274940748
    An excellent Tarrazu SHB is in the next BeanBay
    When will that be? *Early June with any luck!

    woohoo. down to my last half bag. going to be a very good beanbay... some sulawesi was supposed to land as well?

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