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Thread: Disaster strikes (blessing in disguise)

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    Disaster strikes (blessing in disguise)

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    So, the TV fizzled last week and we bought a new one this morning...

    My wife went to do the grocery shop and comes back, didnt buy a coffee as she wanted one of mine (theres a compliment!) went to change the new seal for my EM2300 I only bought this morning as it was past its used by date and low and behold the screw snaps in place and the shower screen and seal come off, aggghhh. Oh well 2.5 years for $100 was a good run.

    I got the green light to upgrade and after a bit of reading here picked up a EM6910. Already bought the EM0480 grinder last week so good pair and I could use the Sunbeam course which comes with it.

    So all in all a blessing in disguise, but I cant believe the quality difference - maybe not in the coffee at the moment, still dialling that in but the machine itself, brewing times, cleaning times I was done and dusted in half the time of the old one!

    Now I just have to practice, practice practice. Its going to be so painful! *;)

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    Re: Disaster strikes (blessing in disguise)

    Quote Originally Posted by 2A3C303F382E345D0 link=1250939103/0#0 date=1250939103
    Now I just have to practice, practice practice. Its going to be so painful! *;)
    At least you wont have to worry about falling asleep during the tests! ;D


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    Re: Disaster strikes (blessing in disguise)

    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    I had a blessing in disguise recently to wambesi.

    I took a risk buying a used Brazila Portafino 1 group commercial machine from ebay. It took 4 weeks to arrive and when it did it lasted 3 days before the boiler(of all things?) exploded!

    After doing the recovery thing via paypal i had lost hope of getting a refund. It took nearly 4 weeks of convincing them i had sent the machine back. Whoever signed for it at his shop did so with a scribble and fake name and he kept telling paypal he had not received it back. Finally i got a refund and by that time my budget had doubled and NOW im the proud owner of a Dalla Corte Mini with full warranty :)

    Its funny how things work out in the end sometimes :)

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