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Thread: DiBella Brisbane open day!!!!!

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    DiBella Brisbane open day!!!!!

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    Hey guys, just wanted to remind everyone about the open day at the DiBella roasting warehouse Brisbane (82 Abbottsford rd, bowen hills) it is on Sat 29 August and features factory tours, competitions, displays courtesy of Ferrari and Chopperzilla, jumping castle and merry-go-round for the kids etc etc etc the list goes on and on and it is all to raise mony for the royal childrens hospital. everyone working the day is donating their wages so come down and support the team. will be a great day for everyone and a great opportunity to learn more about the fastest growing coffee company in OZ.

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    Re: DiBella Brisbane open day!!!!!

    Thanks for the heads up - will be dropping in for sure :)

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    Re: DiBella Brisbane open day!!!!!

    Ill see if we can make it too!, should be ok, see ya there!

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    Re: DiBella Brisbane open day!!!!!

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    I was dragged away from an assignment to attend and had a wonderful time, including a bolivian cup of excellence lot#13(?) through the syphon which was absolutely amazing. Great work in spreading the passion to the locals out and about and in giving lots of inspiration to the crowd of consumers out there.

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