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Thread: coffee plants

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    coffee plants

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    Hi, I am a complete newbie to this site - took me ages to work out how to post a message!! As a barista widow I thought I would get Mr Barista a coffee plant or two as a gift - if you cant fight em, join em!!! Can anyone please tell me where in Victoria I can purchase a coffee plant. Many thanks, The Barista Widow :D

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    Re: coffee plants

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs!
    Cool name too.

    Best bet is to contact:
    (he is a CoffeeSnob too)

    They make great indoor plants in Victoria but if you are planting outside then keep them away from frost... 1st frost will kill em.

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    Re: coffee plants

    Hey Widow!

    If yiu dont have any luck send me a pm and i should be able to send you some fresh seeds?

    Sometimes difficult to get sprouted but if you have trouble finding actual plants its a good alternative.

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    Re: coffee plants

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    You can grow coffee plants by striking a cutting as well so helps to speed up time before fruiting and cupping mmmm.

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