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    Whats the score with polls on the CS forums?

    Do they have a limited life, i.e. are they automatically removed after a set number of days *:-?

    I started one recently and it disappeared after a few days :o

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    Re: Polls

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    Generally, polls are here for the life of a thread...

    But your recent poll Rusty was moved as the Admin and Mod team decided that it was not appropriate and could have caused a bit of a flame war for its potentially sexist overtones...

    If you wish to have further discussion on this, could you please PM the Mods?

    Otherwise, I will just hide this thread too as I for one dont need to see any flak pointed at the team.

    I will also apologise for no one sending you a PM to let you know that that was what happened to your thread, incase no one did...


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