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Thread: Palate Training & Sensory Analysis of Coffee; Perth?

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    Palate Training & Sensory Analysis of Coffee; Perth?

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    These days Ive really felt like I need to not just drink coffee and make an assumption of what it tastes like, but really identify what it tastes like...

    Yet, I cant seem to find anything in Perth... a friend mentioned classes for such things in Melbourne, yet, I was hoping I didnt have to take a flight over state for it.

    I honestly hope there is something here, because right now, I have a rudimentary understanding with my palate where I have a blueberry in one hand and an espresso in the other. Bite one, sip the other = "Yes, definitely some berryness in that!", laugh out loud.

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    Re: Palate Training & Sensory Analysis of Coffee; Perth?

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    ristretto in the cbd might be the place to start.... they dont do anything formally, but emanuele (the owner) is the top dog in the west. cupping is every friday, at 1pm sharp. Emanuele will *answer any queries you may have regarding processing, roasting, brewing and cupping!

    other than that then i think its william angliss in melbs - looking at around $500 for a 2day course though (plus airfare and accom). Who said coffee was the poor mans wine!

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