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Thread: Cafe recommendations - southern Sydney ?

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    Cafe recommendations - southern Sydney ?

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    I live in Sutherland, and have found it hard to find any coffee that is in any way acceptable. I have had coffee from Kafenio (sp?) in the mall at Cronulla that was pretty good (great latte art as well) and I spotted another cafe just down from there on the Kingsway that had latte art piccies in the window but havent stopped in to try their coffee.

    I now think that Im better off staying home and drinking my own coffee, and that at least helps justify my recent upgrade, and my investment in green beans too ;D

    Does anyone else have any reccomendations down this way?

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    Re: Cafe recommendations - southern Sydney ?


    Im from round the same way and have also found the two that you mention to be good. Also, inside Miranda Fair there is a place called Piccolos which roast their own fresh each week. Only problem is that it varies between excellent and good depending on the staff working on the day. Let me know if you find out any more!

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    Re: Cafe recommendations - southern Sydney ?

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    Some of the best coffee in the Shire has to come from the hole in the wall cafe called The Grind on the Kingsway at Cronulla. Down near the beach under the Motel (not under Northies, it is opposiste side of road). It is usually only open weekends.
    It is very small, only a few chairs. The Baristas name is Richard (I think). Well worth a trip. This guy has a pretty good understanding of what espresso is all about.

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