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Thread: Travelling snobs

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    Travelling snobs

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    Now am in a couple of fellowships which help me address certain issues, and we have always recommended that when you travel, get to meetings and catch up with fellow ......ers in your destination.

    Well, I can add a new rider to that. When youre travelling, there is one way to ensure a fine brew wherever you are going. Catch up with fellow snobbers. It helps to build the fellowship of the site, you will have friends wherever you travel, guaranteed good coffee anywhere in Oz/kiwiland etc, and at some stage you will be almost guaranteed returns in visits and shared company. (Sorry got a bit sappy there ;D)

    Sorry I missed ya Tony, maybe next time mate. I will more than likely be back down Newcastle way same time next year. Di, thanks for the guided tour, twas most enjoyable to meet your good self and your family (and enjoy a nice drop into the bargain). Look forward to catching up when you hit Brissie.

    Can highly recommend folks, if youre gonna be travellin, check in here first and see who might be there to say gday to.

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    Re: Travelling snobs

    Its a good idea to make connection with fellow CS members before travelling. If you are going to a cafe city like Melbourne no problem finding good coffee, but thats not always the case in other places. I was really lucky to find some coffee fanatics when I moved to Thailand last year. Anyone travelling to Thailand please dont hesitate to PM me and I will give you all the tips!

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    Re: Travelling snobs

    .. you can even try and time a visit to fit in with a CS meetup, beanbay drop-off, barista comp or cafe crawl!

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    Re: Travelling snobs

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    It was a pleasure hosting you MP - Im just sorry that Sprockets was closing only 15 minutes after we go there and that we didnt have time to go back to my place so I could show off my bling!

    Will look forward to see you and the rest of the gang in Brisbane in the New Year!

    And always happy to meet up with anyone that comes to Newcastle in the meantime (well, apart from Scoots, who I always manage to miss out on!)

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