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Thread: Latte Cups, Cappucino Cups, Demitasse, etc.

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    Latte Cups, Cappucino Cups, Demitasse, etc.

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    Hi all..

    I was just wanting to ask all you coffesnobs out there what cups you use to serve your coffee.. I use an old antique coffee demitasse for espressos and your good old Maxwell n Williams cups for lattes, cappucinos, etc. and occasionally a tall bodum pavina for layering lattes (yum). I find its so much more enjoyable to drink the sweet black elixir that is coffee out of a fine cup/glass/demitasse.

    Anyway, I am looking to buy beautiful cups to enjoy my coffee with and also to make ease of latte art pours. I saw a latte art pour video on YouTube a few months ago that used a very peculiar cup that is really wide and shallow (almost like a shallow bowl) but it was made for coffee.. anyone know what kind they are? I cant seem to find the video again..

    Yours Truly.

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    Re: Latte Cups, Cappucino Cups, Demitasse, etc.

    Try this recent thread onvn:

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    Re: Latte Cups, Cappucino Cups, Demitasse, etc.

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    if competiton cups, likely to be ACF Cappucino bowls (220ml), Nuevo Point, or Terra Keramik, with Inker Ceramics also a runner.

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