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Thread: Questions just keep coming...

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    Questions just keep coming...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,
    I hope one day, with all that Im learning here on CS, I will be able to help newbies with their problems just as you guys have helped me. Thanks!

    Anyway, In the 4 weeks since I got my equipment Ive put on 15kg (I had a laugh ;D) in weight because of all the extra milk Ive been having in my coffee.

    With my old blend/setup I unwittingly over-extracted a large cup until it only needed a drop of milk to top it up (about the same proportions as a cup of tea).

    Now though, armed with superior equipment and (limited) knowledge, I only extract 30ml of coffee and top it up with stretched milk. Nice but very rich and very heavy on calories.

    I need to know how to pour a new variety of coffee drink called a Long Black and White *:D.

    I want three quarters of a cup of coffee with a dash of milk (stretched or not) but I dont want to ruin the taste by over extracting it.

    What is the answer to my conundrum?

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    Re: Questions just keep coming...

    Im no expert but Id say you need fill a cup 1/2 with water, add the espresso shot on top (so far same as a long black) and then steam a small amount of milk to add to the top (or else add it cold if you dont mind the temp drop). I might have to try this one myself as I could well do with shedding a couple of kilos and I luuurve lattes. Or else learn to love skim?

    Mrs Luwak

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    Re: Questions just keep coming...

    How about the piccolo latte probably has the same amount of milk as you are talking about.

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    Re: Questions just keep coming...

    or the Long macchiato ...long black (water first then shot) then just a drop pf foam/milk

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    Re: Questions just keep coming...

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    Interesting question, everybody to their own in terms of how they want to drink their "coffee". I have a 20year old son who never drank coffee before I bought my machine. I have been gradually introducing him to different types of coffee - only milk based so far. He recently commented that a cappucino was very bland and I found this interesting because it was a single shot in a 220ml cup and I would have found it completely tasteless. As a result I am gradually reducing the amount of milk (and sugar) in his coffees and he is enjoying them more.
    I rarely drink milkbased coffees but recently had a couple of piccolo lattes at morning tea time and really enjoyed them. Maybe a good place to start.

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