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Thread: Comprehensive Varietal database

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    Comprehensive Varietal database

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    Hi guys,

    looking to gain some insight regarding coffee varietals. I have some info on the more household varietals (Pacamara, Bourbon, Typica, Catimor, Caturra) but am looking to expand upon what I have.

    I have some old notes with varietal names such as USDA, Kartika and Arusha, but struggling to get info on how they were developed, descriptions of tasting notes, etc. what would be handy is a comprehensive varietal sheet, like the one seen in Illy and Viani, just updated and expanded upon.


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    Re: Comprehensive Varietal database

    Hi j,

    I cant give you a comprehensive sheet of varietals but some places to have a look are:
    hasbeans blog - I remember seeing recently he had some sheets on different varietals
    coffeed forum
    sweet marias

    In the past these places have offered me more info than I could digest in one reading. Its amazing how many varietals are out there and how many more are undocumented.

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    Re: Comprehensive Varietal database

    I think Kenneth Davids book "Home Coffee Roasting" has info on which varieties are grown in which origins - and he touches on how some of them came about (ie. accidental and deliberate crosses/hybrids etc.). I remember skipping over that info at the time, since I was interested in how to roast! Plenty of copies at your local library.


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    Re: Comprehensive Varietal database

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    I dont know how comprehensive you want to go, but there is a nice rundown on some varietals on the stumptown web page. There might be some good information in the wintgens and jobin books, but $$$.


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