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Thread: Watery shot?

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    Watery shot?

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    I am having some problems with one of the groupheads at work. We have a 3 grouphead Wega and occassionally one of the groupheads is producing a watery shot, and I cant work out why. I am dosing a consistent amount and believe that I am also tamping consistently, certainly pressure wise I am, yet this watery shot is coming out every once in a while.

    Anyone have any ideas as to why this might be happening?

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    Re: Watery shot?

    More info are you talking about a 10 sec gusher or just there is no body to the shot? Also is it always the same grouphead?

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    Re: Watery shot?

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    I too have been having issues with a WEGA and the watery shot on the first group head. Is it where you have locked a shot in and pulled perfectly, but the pour is describable as being transparent instead of viscous and signs of mouse-tailing in on itself?

    Even with a completely dry setup. Ive come to terms that it could be due to three things:

    A) Dispersion screen is bust on one side (Mainly caused by overdosing with stale grind)
    B) Group seal is damaged.
    C) Grind is clumping in the basket and producing irregular evenness through the tamped pucked, unsee-able to the eye. (But this is ruled out simply to being isolated to one group)

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