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Thread: An update

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    An update

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    Hello all and HNY.

    Some of you might remember my paranoid rants before Xmas about getting my coffee right. Well, the good news is that while Im a long, long way from getting great consistent results, Ive managed with the help of you lot to get a decent cup MOST of the time.

    The clue to my success is that my wife now hassles me to make her a coffee whenever the machines on and that has never happened before.

    Im hoping to iron out some of my consistency problems with a 1 on 1 session with Tim Adams from Pioneer in February. Im sure my problem is in the grind and dosing.

    Cheers all and thanks,

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    Re: An update

    Yeah, we remember ;) ;D

    Sounds like you are being hard on yourself Tony:decent cup MOST of the time, SWMBO demanding coffee. That tickes two boxes. The rest is experience and refinement. The training wont hurt - try to do it on your machine if you havent already planned that but I think even professional baristi dont get 100% consistency.

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    Re: An update

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    That actually sounds pretty good so far, and Im sure some training will help even more.

    Ive had my new machine for a while now, and Im still improving my shots as I find ways. I nakeded a group handle a couple of weeks ago, and the resulting extra information about the pour has led to some tamping changes that are improving whats in the cup.

    Enjoy the trip.


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