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Thread: Video demonstration - dose, tamp, extraction etc.

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    Video demonstration - dose, tamp, extraction etc.

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    Hi. *A while back I saw an excellent espresso instructional / demonstration series on U-tube...I thought it was Scottie Callaghan using a Giotto but now Im not so sure as Ive searched and searched and cant find it again. *Does anyone think they might have a vauge Idea which video I saw and how I can find it again?

    If not - can someone recommend a good instructional video that might be available on the net. *I spend a bit of time OS and often have friends look after my house. *I usually send them an email with information on plants and other things that they might find helpful - it would be great if I could include a link to a video that instructs on how to make a decent cup and work the coffee machine. *My machine is an Isomac Millenium but I think a video using a similar machine would do the trick, if it includes dose, tamp, extraction and milk.. *Ive done lots of looking on U-tube but havent seen anything nearly as constructive as the series I saw with Scottie Callaghan. *Anyone got any suggestions.


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    Re: Video demonstration - dose, tamp, extraction etc.

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    Re: Video demonstration - dose, tamp, extraction etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1F1B3D2424213E2926480 link=1266652068/1#1 date=1266655360
    Thanks heaps Wsully, exactly what I was looking for ;D...much appreciated. Should have posted here long ago - would have saved many mega bites.

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